Integrating shipment tracking apps with Loox

Loox offers merchants the option to schedule review request emails based on their product's delivery dates.

Loox will automatically update its delivery timing according to Shopify's shipment_status only:

The "shipment_status" field can be found within the Fulfillment section of the Order API:

For the full documentation click here

Once the shipment_status of an order has been updated to "delivered" on Shopify, Loox will automatically be able to schedule the emails based on this notification as long as the merchant enabled it within the app settings.

Click here for merchant instructions on how to enable this You can retrieve a specific order's data which will include its fulfillment status with the following API:

Warning: If the shipment_status is not tracked, Shopify will not send Loox the notification that the package has been delivered and the email will not be sent!