Using Loox reviews as a trigger in Shopify Flow

In Shopify Flow you can create workflows using the event "New review submitted" as the trigger.

This trigger includes the review's information which can be used in the workflow's further actions. This information includes:

  • Review date - When was the review submitted

  • Product ID - The ID of the reviewed product 

  • Product title - The name of the reviewed product

  • Product URL - The URL of the reviewed product 

  • Rating - The rating the customer gave the product (on a scale of 1-5 )

  • Author - The reviewer's name

  • Review body - The review's text

  • Email - The Email address of the reviewer

  • Photo URL - The URL of the review photo the customer uploaded

  • Order ID - The order ID linked to the review submitted

To learn more about Shopify Flow triggers click here

Examples of Values included in the Review Trigger:

Property Value
'Review date' 2019-01-02 12:34:56 UTC
'Product ID' 700607430703
'Product title' Blue Shirt
'Product URL'

John S.

'Email' [email protected]
'Review body' I loved this product!
'Photo URL'
'Order ID' 1583946629182